Having directed hundreds of people on eight-day retreats, Marilyn Kaiser, The
Awakener to Divine Consciousness, teaches spiritual seekers how to become
their True Selves and realize their divine consciousness. She has helped
numerous clients enjoy their Higher Power’s Loving Presence daily while living in
the joy of who they are.

A licensed counselor in the State of Ohio, Marilyn combines her skills and thirtyplus
years of experience in counseling with her skills and over fifteen years in
spiritual direction to help clients experience their divine humanity.
She has helped many people awaken divine consciousness through numerous
conference retreats and days of prayer.

The late Lou Lipps, S.J. supervisor at Jesuit Spiritual Center at Milford wrote, “I
whole heartedly endorse Marilyn Kaiser as a director for privately-directed
retreats… Her directees rank her as superior.

A spiritual direction client gratefully reveals, “I wanted to feel closer to God and to
experience God in my life on a daily basis. I do that now. It’s wonderful.”
Marilyn Dietz, R.S.M. Retreat Participant comments: “Marilyn is an alive
and engaging presenter who deeply opened me to the Spirit, inspiring me with God’s
love for me and the whole cosmos.”

Linda Raphael, a Retreat Participant for several years exclaims, “God became
the center of my life. A whole new world opened up to me…God is my constant
companion now!

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