Do you search for the answers to many of life’s most important questions?
1. Who am I? I mean, who am I really?
2. What are my greatest desires?
3. What is the meaning or purpose of my life?
Is your life worth living without wrestling with the above questions?
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In order to help you process these answers, Marilyn will help you get in touch with your real Director or Coach—the Holy Spirit, Source Energy, Wisdom or your Higher Power—whatever you call the deepest core of your being. You know the answers already, deep within you. However, sometimes it helps for someone else to help you access them.

As you delve deeper into the meaning of your life, some of the following questions may arise:
* What will help me move toward fulfilling my desires?
* How can I nurture the connection I feel in nature or other deeply touching experiences where I already feel “at one” with what I’m doing or experiencing?
* What skills do I need to learn to cope with the pain, loss and difficulty that are part of my life?
Marilyn can assist you as you live the answers to these ongoing life questions.

Marilyn can help you with various areas of your life, such as, communicating more effectively with your Higher Power. She can assist you in learning to pray and meditate. When you know God, you know yourself. When you know yourself, you know God.

Often in life, we get wounded. Focusing on our weaknesses can keep us stuck. By encouraging you to cooperate with grace and accept yourself as you are, Marilyn can help your inner wisdom heal these wounds.

As you grow spiritually, coaching can help you realize who you really are. Are you a human being having a spiritual experience? Or are you a spiritual being having a human experience? Hopefully, you will eventually realize your essence is Love. Thomas Merton puts it this way, “Love is my true identity… Love is my true character. Love is my name.” What is your essence? What is your name? Are you seeking infinite union with infinite love. Only then will your heart be satisfied.

Also coaching is built into Marilyn’s signature program, “Bursting with Joy Bootcamp.” She coaches clients after each of the five units to integrate the presented material—to help people understand the material and transform their lives through practicing it. She will coach you through the program from the first unit of loving yourself to the last unit of realizing your true nature of Love.

Spiritual coaching can help you grow spiritually so you live the life you’ve always wanted to live— a life Bursting with Joy, in other words, a life of infinite union with infinite love.