The Spiritual Awakener

— Thomas Merton

Attention: All Spiritual Seekers

  • Are you tired of struggling to love yourself, others and your Higher Power?
  • Do you want a life bursting with joy?
  • Do you want to change from feeling like you are skating through life with your skates on backwards to wanting to do handsprings down the street?

My name is Marilyn Kaiser and I am the Spiritual Awakener. My Bursting with Joy Formula will help you develop your relationship with your Higher Power. Join me as I walk you through my five-step process — The Five L’s — to a life of peace and joy.

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The Bursting With Joy Formula: The 5 L’s

In this action-packed program you’ll learn:

* Five techniques to love others more.

* How to pray so that you love yourself and your Higher Power more.

* A simple technique you can use daily to connect with who you really are.

* An ancient Hawaiian process that can help you become more compassionate to someone who has hurt or angered you.

*And most important, how to embrace your True Nature—a Divine Being having a human experience.

It’s a disservice to humanity not to develop yourself to be the best person you
can be. The greatest gift you can give the world is your self-realization. Help the world by investing in yourself and your spiritual growth.

Marilyn has helped 100s of clients as a Spiritual Director and Counselor for over sixteen years.

Personal Coaching

For over sixteen years, Marilyn has helped hundreds of people like you deepen their relationship with their Higher Power, Source, God or whatever they call their inner spirit through deep listening, powerful questioning and heartful reflecting. With her help, many clients now identify with the Spirit Within—with what some people call the Holy Spirit and others call Christ consciousness or Buddha Nature. Many have grown in infinite union with infinite love.

Do you search for the answers to many of life’s most important questions?
1. Who am I? I mean, who am I really?
2. What are my greatest desires?
3. What is the meaning or purpose of my life?
Is your life worth living without wrestling with the above questions?


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